40 years ago God called me into ministry. 40 years ago I really had no idea as to what that meant.
At first I thought that meant preaching.  Later I thought it meant singing. Fast forward 40 years, it's  now coming clear to me.  
I am excited about the assignment God has for me. 
I believe it can have a positive effect on anyone, using both...singing  and speaking.
Wellness is not something that just happens. Until we get our heads wrapped around the possibility of living well, we probably won't.
My assignment is designed to help people understand how to:
Live Life ...Well.  
Russ Taff

"Bobby is a friend and a brother in Christ-- he is also a great singer! I have had the privilege of attending church with him, and I can tell you that he truly has a servant's heart. I respect his talent, but more importantly, I respect the man.".

Bobby Shelley

Bobby Maupin is so inspirational! His music is spiritual food for the soul! When he sings, you know he is sharing his love for Jesus through his music. His unique voice is easy to love! If you have a chance to hear him, don't pass it up! We have loved having Bobby bless us at Avoca Christian Church for many years. We encourage you to offer him an invitation to your church too! "


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